After 2 1/2 brutal years of multiple jobs and full time school, I can finally say it is over.  It is over, and the massive sense of relief is forced to be short lived.  After all, the real world has never left.  Hence the multiple jobs.  Still, this moment needs to be savored, enjoyed, and then set aside for the job hunt that is bound to follow.

That being said, I have missed writing.  It has always been this introverts release and escape from the madness that surrounds her.  And so, as I venture out towards a full time job, my first place that I can truly call my own, and anything else life wants to throw my way – good or bad – I think maybe I’ll share the journey for a little while longer.  Maybe find some introvert tips for job hunting.  Or house hunting.  Or how to maintain my newest friends when they’re no longer coworkers.  Each will be a tricky aspect, but I think, for perhaps the first time, I am prepared to try.  And in trying, I am prepared to share, in the hopes that I might be able to help fellow introverts who might be similarly struggling.

I don’t know where tomorrow is going to take me.  No one does.  If you’re like me (a high functioning INTJ), you’ve probably made lists and plans, and contingency plans, and plans for those contingency plans.  But that’s the funny thing about life.  It doesn’t care how many lists and back up plans you have, nothing is ever going to go exactly right.  Or exactly wrong, if you are more of a pessimist.  I like to consider myself pessimistically optimistic.  I will always hope for the best, but rarely expect it.


I have absolutely no idea what tomorrow is going to bring, and as terrifying as that is, it’s kind of exciting too.  Whenever I become overwhelmed with fear of the unknown, I remind my logical mind that this is all just a learning experience.  When it is over, I can analyze it as I love to do, and then I can find my center.  Or maybe, right about now, that center is on a raft in the middle of a stretch of rapids.  The next few weeks will be interesting, to say the least, and a true test to see if I have learned anything over the last three decades.  And to see if I really am high functioning or if the charade has fooled me too.  Let’s hope I have learned and I can apply that to the trials and tribulations coming my way.  Or maybe I can just be lucky.  At this point, even this INTJ isn’t going to be too picky.