For the sake of my own mortified pride, I’ll keep this as vague as possible.  My name is L.E. and I am an introvert.  I am hoping that in this blog, I can start something like a twelve step program.  I have no hope of curing my aversion to most people, why would I want to?  I am awesome alone!  (LOL, introverts will hopefully get that joke) But in the meantime, I can hope that in better understanding my inability to “go get them”, I might make peace with just what being an introvert entails.  For all those extroverts out there who need a little bit of understanding, pretty sure I’ll get around to that as well.  After all, introverts love simple things, like being alone and cats (thought I refuse to specify how many).

In my free time (which is surprisingly in short supply with a job, school, and very expensive, very large, four legged hobbies), I am also a writer.  At least there everything I have ever wanted to say but didn’t can finally be put out in witty rejoinders.

Anyone interested?  Even if you’re not, check it out.

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